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Looking for advice on getting started with technology on the farm? Are you passionate about agTech, and it’s been part of your operations for a long time? Are you an agTech supplier looking to connect with producers? The Greater Whitsunday AgTech Hub community is your go-to network to connect and collaborate. It’s free to join and full of resources. What’s best? There’s no need to travel to town. You can connect straight from the paddock.

An Online AgTech Community for the Greater Whitsunday

First-hand advice and learning resources to help you transform farming operations and agribusiness with technology.

Learn From And With Others


Talk to other farmers, agribusinesses and service providers about all things agTech. Connect from your home, office or the field.


Hear from producers and suppliers who use technology in their operations. Get access to resources and training opportunities.

Collaborate & transform

Boost your ROI, diversify and improve efficiency. Collaborate and work on innovative ways of farming in the Greater Whitsunday.

Who is this community for?

The Greater Whitsunday AgTech Hub community is for anyone in the Mackay Isaac Whitsunday region interested in agTech. It’s an ecosystem bringing local producers and service providers together and supporting technology uptake on farms and in agricultural supply chains. 

You can be new to agTech and interested in learning more about it or finding solutions for your farm or business. Or you might be experienced in agTech solutions either as a producer, supplier or start-up founder. 

Producers new to agTech

  • Learn more about the types of technology producers use and how it’s helping their operations.
  • Explore potential agTech solutions for your farm and how they may benefit your operations.
  • Connect with suppliers and service providers and find resources to help you get started.

Experienced agTech users

  • Share your experience and exchange ideas with producers, suppliers and other service providers.
  • Troubleshoot issues, learn from others’ mistakes and exchange tips and tricks to fine-tune your agTech solution.

  • Find collaboration partners and get involved in initiatives to grow and influence agTech adoption and opportunities in the region.

AgTech suppliers & start ups

  • Connect directly with potential suppliers.
  • Network with other suppliers and find collaborators.
  • Test your product and get feedback from fellow innovators and consumers at various stages of technology adoption.

Other agribusiness service providers

  • Understand the role agTech plays on farms in the region.
  • Find ways to support the transformation of agriculture through increased technology adoption. 
  • Grow your network, contribute to and influence a robust and innovative agricultural sector.

How to Join

Joining the AgTech Hub community is simple and free. The community is hosted on the Mighty Networks platform. To join, sign up for an account. You can also download the mobile app.

What our members say

“Farmers are crying out for innovative agTech to drive their farms into the next century. There is a real opportunity for farmers and activators to collaborate on exciting new agtech projects.”

David Shorten, Regional Development Officer, Bowen Gumlu Growers Association

“I would tell people to get involved in this community to be a part of the region’s farming and supply chain future, help shape industry through your knowledge and actions, access support services and to develop ideas and find funding opportunities.”

Ross Neivandt, Principal Scientist, Catchment Solutions

Join the future of agriculture

Becoming a part of the new Greater Whitsunday AgTech Hub community means being a part of a sustainable and productive agriculture industry. Connect with others to learn and exchange ideas. Or find your next business partner or collaboration opportunity.